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Joint order with Leofortis

Hello lovely people,

You asked and you shall be heard. It’s time for another order from Leofortis!
Unfortunately not as customizable as you are used to, but nevertheless a good opportunity to integrate the symbol of the Fortress of Diversity into your garments.

Please gather your orders in your group and send a E-Mail to:

Delivery only in person. Guaranteed on Conquest, other Larps after arrengement with me.

ATTENTION: All prices listed are the standart price but may be reduced depending on the quantity ordered.

Deadline is 28th February so everything will be ready on the Conquest

Pendant brass

  • 5cm hight, 4cm width, 0,3cm thickness
  • max. 26,00 €

Hat-pin brass or stainless steel

  • 3cm hight, 2,5cm width
  • max. 14,50 €

Fittings brass or stainless steel

  • 6cm hight, 5cm width
  • 5 holes
  • max. 15,99 €


  • max. 5,99 €
  • minimum quantity of 5 needs to be ordered (all orders, not per person)


Kind regards
Jean-Paul aka Olaf

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