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SL in role on CoM – How does it work?

Fellow fighters and non-fighters of the Fortress of Diversity,

at Conquest in a couple of weeks I will again be your yellow bag with radio in full time SL status in role. What does that mean?

I’ll be running around with my character “Deirdre the Gardener”, certainly joining in on a quest or two. You can always talk to me IT and get an IT answer from Deirdre and/or also a hint for your quest if you get stuck. But just because Deirdre says so does not make it true. Even the gardener doesn’t know everything and speculates to the best of her knowledge. However, Deirdre’s knowledge of Mythodea is quite vast, both through the 10 years on Mythodea, but also through the earned friendship of the element Terra.

If I make an announcement to you as SL, you will notice that. Either because I say “You really, really shouldn’t do that…” or I switch to OT if necessary to explain something to you. The same applies if I suddenly seem absent and raise my finger, or turn away for a moment. Then I probably just get a radio message in my in-ear. Please be aware that this is also for your safety (e.g. because there is an emergency call).

But of course you can also come OT to me at any time (for example because it does not fit IT or why ever). Even for that I am there for you.

If you are planning something, where you had better get a SL, because you hope for an effect for your ritual or you want to find something special with your magical search, then you can also contact me. If I’m not responsible for the plot myself, I’ll have a short radio consultation with the responsible person and then I can either take care of you directly or another yellow bag will come and accompany you.

And if you are dissatisfied, then also say this. Maybe I can help you then by direct feedback to the Regie on site and the missing piece of the puzzle for your quest is dropped again, so that the quest can be led to the conclusion.

So far, the concept has worked really well on CvM and JdS.

Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Katrin aka Deirdre

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