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Frequently asked questions & answers

What does the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) stand for? How can I participate in the Feste? How does the quarter manager work? How do I participate in the campaign play? And what is actually LARP?

LARP in general

What is LARP?

LARP ist the short form of Live Action Role Play and it is the best hobby in existance. You play a different character and play out a story with many others that unfolds live around you. You can be whoever you want, whether warrior, mage, healer, beggar, craftsman, etc. The only limit is your imagination. LARP is also played in all kinds of settings (fantasy, dystopian, horror or historical). There are events to suit every taste.

What on earth is „IT" and „OT“ supposed to mean?

In LARP, the Abbreviations „IT“ and „OT“ are used to tell apart what happens in the Game („Intime“, short „IT“) and outside of it („outtime“, short „OT“). The better the two are separated, the more immersive the play becomes – The most important thing is, that everybody has fun.

What are SC/PC?

The PC (german: SC) is the player character that you have created before you go to your first event. Your player-character is usually quite free in his decisions and you can create him as you like. It would be good if you play the same character for at least one event, otherwise the other players will quickly get confused. 

What are NPCs/NSC?

The non-player character is the counterpart to the PC, the player character. This means that the player of the NPC has usually not thought up his role himself, but has been assigned it by the game management. He fulfils a certain role or has a function for the game. For example, he may repeatedly take on the role of enemies who attack the PCs, send you on an adventure as the captain of the guard, or be the innkeeper of the local inn. On the Conquest of Mythodea, for example, the Forsaken, the “bad guys”, are represented by NPCs. 

Who ist he SL or Orga?

The SL or Orga is the game master. They supervise the events and make sure that everyone can have fun in a pleasant and safe environment. If, for example, a player’s behaviour endangers the others by fighting too hard, the SL intervenes. She also organises the event and controls the NPCs. 

How do I create a player-character?

Creating a player character is the beginning of your LARP adventure. Imagine who you would like to embody. A noble warrior, a sneaky thief, a gentle healer or a cunning mage? Take inspiration from books, films or video games. Ask yourself questions like: Does my character stand up for good or is he only interested in himself? What is my character afraid of? What is he particularly good at? Characters who have both strengths and weaknesses are particularly interesting. The perfect jack-of-all-trades hero who defeats every enemy with a single sword stroke is difficult for others to integrate into their game. Don’t stress too much at the beginning – no one minds if you start with a very simple character and then develop in the game. Just like the motto: Come as a blank sheet of paper, leave as a novel. 

How authentic does my clothing have to be?

At the beginning, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money. It is sufficient if you have a basic set of authentic garments. This can be a white linen shirt and dark cloth trousers. You might find out at your first event that LARP is not for you after all, in which case you would have spent money for nothing. Ask experienced larpers, they can give you lots of valuable tips, or buy second-hand garments. When it comes to shoes, safety first! Dark trekking or hiking shoes are a good choice. 

Fortress of Diversity

What kind of game does the fortress have to offer?

As Mythodea’s largest volunteer army, we offer heroic battles, complex and well-organised camp play, and in-depth character play. Whether you are a warrior, healer, mage, alchemist, messenger, guardian, craftsman, diplomat, seeker of knowledge or beggar … in the Fortress of Diversity you will always find a place to play. However, you will not find courtly play in the Fortress of Diversity.

Cons and Events

On which Cons can I find the Feste?

The Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) is represented at the four major Live Adventure events (Sturmwacht, Die Chroniken von Mythodea, Jenseits der Siegel, Conquest of Mythodea). In addition, you can meet members of the Feste and the Feste as a group at smaller events, e.g. Cons of the Realms. Just have a look at our Con calendar.

I want to go on LARP. Do I just buy a Ticket and drive there?

Basically yes, you can do that. But you have to keep in mind that at many events the players are organised in their own camps. If you do not contact anyone, the organisers will assign you to any camp and give you a campsite. Therefore, it is advisable to first contact a player camp, e.g. the Festival of Diversity, and ask if you can join the group. You can find contacts to other groups on This way, you will probably make friends more quickly and end up in a camp whose game appeals to you more. 

I bought a ticket for an event. Now sadly I have no time to go. Can I sell my ticket to someone else?

On you can transfer your ticket to someone else for free. Once you have found a buyer, you enter the email address of their Skald account with your ticket and your ticket will be transferred to them. He will then transfer your money to you. (Please make sure that you only transfer your ticket to trustworthy persons, as Live-Adventure cannot accept any liability in the event of fraud).

Where do I sleep at Con and what do I eat?

At most cons, players sleep in their own tents. These should match the setting of the event. But don’t worry: If you don’t have a suitable tent, tents can also be covered with white sheets or there is still a place for you to sleep in another tent. Many cons are self-catering cons. This means that you bring your own food. At larger cons there are numerous food stalls where you can get food. If in doubt, you should ask experienced players about the food on offer at the respective event. 

What do I do on LARP, if I need a little break from the game?

It is perfectly fine to take a time-out if you feel overwhelmed or strained. However, remember that the other players want to maintain their immersion. Your tent is a good place to retreat to for a rest or to escape into an OT-bubble. This way you can relax without disturbing other players. 

How do find out, which camp fits best for me?

One way is to read through the description of the camps on and then decide which camp appeals to you the most. In the description of the camps you can often see their priorities: combat, camp play, court and etiquette, diplomacy, etc. 

I'm going to a self-catered con - what do I need to bring?

“Self-catered” means that you are responsible for your own food and drink. So you have to bring your own (durable) supplies and prepare them yourself. For hot meals, this also means that you need a place to cook. This can be an IT-compatible fireplace, but also an OT cooking place (e.g. a gas stove). Keep in mind that you will need additional pots, plates, cutlery (…) – preferably always a little more than you actually need, in case something breaks or there’s no time to wash up.

If you don’t have IT cooking stuff, that’s no problem. Many larpers cook on OT stoves like gas stoves with normal pots. Just make sure you don’t do it in the middle of the game.

There are tavern cards at Live Adventure Cons - what are they for?

Tavern cards can be purchased – as the name suggests – in the taverns at the con. You pay for them in advance and receive a card with credit (usually 20 Euro). During the game you can comfortably pay with the card without having to handle (OT) money. Excess money on the card can be redeemed after the event, or the card can simply be brought to the next event.

Do I have to bring my own drink?

There are usually water stations at the Live Adventure Cons where you can get drinking water. Since these are sometimes released late and are usually a bit off the field, it is still worthwhile to bring your own drinks.

As drinking vessels, the bottles can simply be camouflaged with a cloth or cloth bag. IT cups such as clay jugs, tin cups, wooden jugs, etc. are also suitable. Here, too, it is advisable to have one more jug / mug with you.

Are there breaks, meal times or OT times?

The played cons are usually full time cons. That means the game runs continuously from the “time-in” on the first day, until the end of the events. There are no break times, meal times, or OT times. There are times when little play happens (e.g. at night) – but basically this time is also In-Time. So you are responsible for when you eat and when or if you take a break.

Campaign Game

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