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Current dates & information

In the schedule you will find the next events and Cons as well as organizational dates and relevant deadlines. The news blog provides you with important announcements, reports and information.

Dates of the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt)

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15. February 2024
All day
Stormwatch | Live-Adventure Con

Experience a feast and dances in a castle, go on quests inside, uncover secrets and fight the enemy behind the walls.

2. May 2024
All day
Chronicles of Mythodea | Live-Adventure Con

The Chronicles of Mythodea is known for one thing above all: its battles. Fight for your land, defend what you hold dear!

24. May 2024
All day
Beyond the Seals | Live Adventure Con

The Beyond the Seals takes place away from the battles and offers space for diplomacy, entertainment and ambience.

31. July 2024
All day
ConQuest of Mythodea | Live-Adventure Con

The ConQuest of Mythodea is the world’s largest LARP event with up to 10,000 participants.

News from the Feste

To the newsblog

Useful facts, information and announcements from your FdV-Orgteam.

Quarter Manager – Please enter in the camp list!

Dear fortress, I know it sounds crazy, but the quarter manager will…

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Vote for the Name

Hello dear ones, As you all might have noticed, the Fortress of…

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Attention important! We need your help again.

We are still looking for helping hands for the construction of the…

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Conquest Planning Post II | Enter tickets!

Attention: The quarter manager will close soon! Enter your tickets!! Hello Fortress,…

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Frequently asked questions & answers

What does the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) stand for? How can I participate in the Feste? How does the quarter manager work? How do I participate in the campaign play? And what is actually LARP?

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