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Registration for the Festivals e-mail distribution list

Dear Fortress,

for our IT storytelling about the festivals away from the larp events, the campaign game and organisational topics we would like to create an email distribution list.

At the moment, we only have the possibility to send an email to everyone who has bought a ticket for an LA event in the camp of the festivals via the quarter manager of Live Adventure. However, firstly we only reach the respective ticket buyers, and secondly this contact option should only be used for the planning of the respective events.

If you would like to be included in the new email distribution list, please send us an email to our Orga email address with the following short explanation:

Dear organising team of the festivals,
I hereby agree that my email address will be added to the email distribution list of the Festivals of Diversity. I agree that the festival organising team may contact me regarding game content and organisational matters of the Festival of Diversity.

We will send the emails with a bcc distribution list so that your email addresses will not be revealed to the distribution list.

Thank you for your support and trust!

Your organising team

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