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Campaign Play

The Campaign Play allows you to experience adventures with the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) even between Cons – and to tell an exciting story together with other Feste members. Currently, the Campaign Play takes place in the FdV Campaign Place Facebook Group.

What is Campaign Play? In Campaign Play, multiple players write a story together – each describing what their characters say, do, or how they behave. A member of the Campaign Play Team accompanies the story as narrator, controls NPC characters, and moves the plot forward.

There are public-facing adventures that you can join at any time, and that take place publicly in the Facebook Group. Individual missions, on the other hand, which are intended for smaller groups, are announced in advance and played in Facebook Messenger. For this, you have to register in advance and will then be added to the Messenger Group.

Karte Aerdas

General information

Call to Arms | Start of the Campaign Game

Fighters of the fortress We call you to arms. We call upon…

Chapter 1 - Departure for Atteron

Ruf zu den Waffen

Die (IT) Einleitung zum Kampagnenspiel (PDF Download 0.5 MB)


Zusammenfassung der Geschehnisse nach der Ankunft (PDF Download 1.0 MB)

Ankunft Afeea / Jamal

Kapitelende (1) für die Schiffe Jamal Wahid und Afeea Alraml (PDF Download 0.1 MB)

Ankunft Sansretour

Kapitelende (1) für das Schiff Sansretour (PDF Download 0.1 MB)

Chapter 2 - Arrival

South Continent

Chapter 2: South Continent Time: After the departure to the outpost Place:…

Unknown land

Chapter 2: Unknown land Time: A few days after arrival on the…

Frequently asked questions & answers

What does the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) stand for? How can I participate in the Feste? How does the quarter manager work? How do I participate in the campaign play? And what is actually LARP?

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