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Current dates & information

In the schedule you will find the next events and Cons as well as organizational dates and relevant deadlines. The news blog provides you with important announcements, reports and information.

Dates of the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt)

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8. February 2023
20:00 - 23:00
Knowledge Exchange (Discord)

In the IT knowledge exchange we share our knowledge and insights with each other or discuss opinions.

23. February 2023
All day
Stormwatch | Live-Adventure Con

Experience a feast and dances in a castle, go on quests inside, uncover secrets and fight the enemy behind the walls.

4. May 2023
All day
Chronicles of Mythodea | Live-Adventure Con

The Chronicles of Mythodea is known for one thing above all: its battles. Fight for your land, defend what you hold dear!

18. May 2023
All day
Novigrad Nights - Mayfire | Apparatus-LARP Con

On an estate in the Stormfields, the Belleteyn celebrations will take place as every year – LARP in the Witcher setting.

7. June 2023
All day
Beyond the Seals | Live Adventure Con

The Beyond the Seals takes place away from the battles and offers space for diplomacy, entertainment and ambience.

News from the Feste

To the newsblog

Useful facts, information and announcements from your FdV-Orgteam.

Announcement: regular knowledge exchange

Hello dear ones, we would like to hold regular Wednesday meetings in…

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The Feste needs you: Who can do what and wants to help?

You can and want to support the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der…

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Previously: Fields of Ash (Apparatus Orga)

The second expedition to the deep south to the Ice Wall took…

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Fields of ash 2022

Some impressions of the Fortress of Diversity at the Fields of ash…

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Previously: Conquest 2022 – Summer campaign against Ankor Mortis

The goal of this campaign was to make Ankor Mortis, the capital…

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Frequently asked questions & answers

What does the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) stand for? How can I participate in the Feste? How does the quarter manager work? How do I participate in the campaign play? And what is actually LARP?

About the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt)

The Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt aka the “Feste”) is an army of volunteers dedicated to fighting the Forsaken of Mythodea.

This can be physical fighting on the battlefield, as well as combat with words, knowledge or other skills. The Feste gains its strength from the diversity of its members, and so representatives from the different folks, nations and distant lands come together under the banner of the Fortress of Diversity. Tradition, friendship and a conviction thattogether they can win the battle against the Forsaken unite the members of the Feste.

The roots of the Fortress of Diversity lie in the Earth Camp, the Feste is independent of the Realms of Mythodea. In the Feste, actions and mutual help count more than rank and origin. In addition to numerous fighters, in the Fortress of Diversity you will also find experienced alchemists, healers, craftsmen, traders, magic workers and adventurers. Everyone is welcome who appreciates the community and diversity of the Feste and wants to contribute something to the fight against the Forsaken.

For the Feste – For Diversity!
Für die Feste – Für die Vielfalt!

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Campaign Play

Join us on a written journey that will hopefully shorten the waiting time until the next Cons and lead the Feste to new adventures.
Members of the Feste - We call you to arms!

The "Who is Who" of the Feste

Over time, the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) has become a big fraction of Mythodea. We have therefore compiled an overview to help you get to know the Feste better and find your way around.

The FdV-Orgteam (OT)

Get to know the OT team behind the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt). The Orgteam is responsible for all aspects of planning, organization and communication outside of the game and is also in charge of the campaign play of the Feste.

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Important people (IT)

The Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) is an army of volunteers with military and civilian responsibilities. Get to know the most important people, the leaders of the Feste and the individual combat banners, as well as other important IT contacts.

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Places, banners and groups

In the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt), you will find combat banners and various important places and starting points, such as the Kommandantur (Commandery), the Quartermaster’s Office or the TerraBierBar. Here you can also learn more about the player groups that are part of the Feste.

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