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INFO: Camp contribution

Dear all,

The con season is slowly starting again and we are really looking forward to experiencing new adventures, dramas and lots of great things with you all again soon.

Today we would like to inform you about the camp contribution of the Feste der Vielfalt at the cons where we have our own camp. It’s mainly about the three big Mythodea events organised by Live Adventure.

At the two cons “Chronicles of Mythodea” and “Beyond the Seals” we charge a camp fee, which depends on how many people have registered at our camp and who would also like to use the wood that has been ordered collectively. So that you know what the camp fee is made up of, here is a small list:

  1. The transport costs for providing the beer bench for the communal areas that are (or can be) used by everyone and most of the communal equipment. The costs for transport are lower than renting the beer benches on site.
  2. We order wood via Live Adventure, which is delivered to our camp, where the groups/people who have registered for it can then take it. If someone does not need wood, this will of course be taken into account in the camp fee.
  3. The quater managers need material to measure and mark the camp areas (flutter tape, chalk spray, small pegs for marking etc.). This must be organised by each fraction orga itself and is not provided by Live Adventure.
  4. Building materials for projects on site (e.g. palisade repair or renewal)

Depending on the cost of the wood and the number of people in the camp, the camp fee per adult on the “Chronicles” and the “Beyond the Seals” is between 7 and 10 EUR. The camp fee is only used to cover the running costs of setting up a nice camp and making a fire! It is charged so that these can be covered and only for the event for which it is charged. The amount of the camp fee will be communicated to the registered persons by email to their Skald email address about 1 week before the con.

The camp fee should be paid before the con via PayPal. A normal bank transfer is of course also possible. In exceptional cases you can also pay cash on site, but we ask you to do this only in exceptional cases, so that we don’t have so much cash with us at the con.

Now to the “Conquest of Mythodea”:
As we receive smaller and larger donations from time to time to buy certain things for the community, we have been able to waive the camp contribution for the “Conquest of Mythodea” in recent years. This will be possible again in 2024.

Here we say a big THANK YOU to the great community (the donors) who make this possible. Without these donations we could not make some things possible (e.g. the new chandeliers for the Kommandantur last year / a metal detector to better find the pegs or other metal parts on the large meadow, and thus protect the animals that come back to the meadow after the event / walkie talkies for the quarter managers / palisade / plus the above-mentioned running costs for the transport of the fundus including the beer benches) and would actually have to charge a camp fee at the Conquest as well.

If this should be necessary at some point, we will inform you promptly… but for now it is not relevant for 2024.

We can also assure you that everything we receive in donations will be used exclusively for specific “building & craft projects” or orders for the Fortress of Diversity. We are all very careful to ensure that these benefit the community.

If you have any questions about the camp contribution or donations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards
Your Feste der Vielfalt Orga

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