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The OT-Orgteam of the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt)

Get to know the OT team behind the Fortress of Diversity. The Orgteam is responsible for all aspects of planning, organization, and communication outside of the game and is also in charge of the campaign play of the Feste.

Larp OT Orga-Team: SabrinaLarp OT Orga-Team: Sabrina



Sabrina is an experienced Larper who has been part of the Fortress of Diversity orgteam since its inception. She especially takes care of the communication with Live Adventure and other factions on Mythodea, special projects (like the Feste video together with Romana) and the questions of newcomers and interested people. She also keeps track of all projects and the Feste in general.

LARP OT Orga-Team: KatringLARP IT-Profil: Deidre


SL Know How

Katrin is a veteran of the Orgteam. Even before the founding of the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt), she worked as a ward manager at the then Earth Camp. Until 2018 she took over the OT camp planning of the Feste at the CoM events. After some team training, she served as SL and plot writer for the Banner of Explorers in 2019. With the restructuring of Burgschneider’s game system, she is now the so-called game maker for the Feste. If you see her at events with “yellow bag”, she is in role as SL.



Sebastian has been part of the Fortress since 2015 and has recently joined the Orga team. He assists the rest of the team with all kinds of tasks and works on various projects.


Ward Manager

Denise has been part of the Fortress since 2014 and part of the Orga- Team since 2018. She mainly takes care of the camp planning and the campaign game.


Capturing knowledge Mythodea

Jasmin is part of the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) and the Orgteam since 2016. She takes care of various tasks, which are distributed in the Orgteam. Mainly she takes care of the organization of the knowledge rounds, which take place every now and then, but also takes over one or other graphic projects. Since recently she is also and together with Sabrina and Jens, responsible for the communication with Live Adventure and other factions on Mythodea.


All-rounder and campaign game

Henry’s LARP career has been going on for a few years and he has been part of the fortress for a long time. Since 2021 he has been increasingly involved in the work of the organisation, especially in the area of campaign games.


Organisation, playmaker, campaign play

Since 2015 in the Feste and since 2017 in the Orga. Organises the game around the Quartermaster’s Office, likes to write in the campaign game.


Ward Manager

Jens has been a member of the Fortress of Diversity since its inception and has been strengthening the Orga team since CoM 2019. As Ward Manager, he mainly takes care of camp planning and set-up and take-down at the Conquest, but also at other events. He is also a member of the Campaign Play team.

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