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The Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt)

The Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt aka the “Feste”) is an army of volunteers dedicated to fighting the Forsaken of Mythodea.

The Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) is an army of volunteers dedicated to fighting the Forsaken of Mythodea, whether in physical combat on the battlefield or in a battle of words, knowledge, or other skills. The Feste draws its strength from the diversity of its members, and so representatives from a wide variety of peoples, realms, and distant lands come together under the banner of the Fortress of Diversity.

As the former Earth Camp, we have existed in parts since the very first conquests after the discovery of Mythodea. Since diversity is our central guiding aspect, we offer a game base for diverse character concepts and elemental focusses. At the same time, we are completely independent of the Realms of Mythodea, so concepts like fealty or courtly play are not part of our structure. Actions and mutual help count more in the Feste than rank and origin. The members of the Feste are united by tradition, friendship, and a conviction that together they can win the fight against the Forsaken.

IT the Feste has military and civil responsibilities. All threads come together in the Kommandantur (Commandery), which is a general point of contact for questions and task seekers, or even to get contact to the leaders. Don’t be afraid to approach anyone in the Kommandantur, IT or OT, it’s our job to be there for you and we’re happy to be it!

The Fortress of Diversity is led by Kaela, the Storm of Diversity. She also commands the army and is supported in her tasks by numerous people.

In the military field, these are the military staff, consisting of Malar, the Second in Command, William of Helmsley, the Tactician of the Fortress and Antiochos as the adjutant of the commander, as well as the leaders of the combat banners. The army of the Feste is divided into different combat banners, which are also looking for reinforcements at any time. You are welcome to get to know the combat banners and join one. Since the Feste has one of the largest armies in Mythodea, all enthusiastic fighters should get their fun with the amount of combat possibilities. There is also the possibility of joining the Guard of the Feste to as a bodyguard take care of the internal security of the Fortress of Diversity.

In the civilian sector you will find Arianna Goldstern, who is in charge of the Kommandantur, and Mr. Quinn, who is in charge of research. Together, they coordinate what is happening around the plot of the event and can provide information about where what help is needed at any given time. The Research Council in the Feste support with deeper knowledge and help newcomers as well as experienced ones with questions around Mythodea. For the supply of the fighting troops, the Fortress of Diversity has a quartermaster’s office (Quartiermeisterei) with game options around craftsmanship, supply and trading. Likewise, the Fortress of Diversity currently has a large alchemy laboratory for research and alchemical supply, and the mages of the individual groups also work together in a coordinated manner.

Contact with other wards, seals and realms is maintained by our diplomats. In addition, we are always looking for motivated people for scouting and messenger missions. This game offer is also open to children and teenagers who are, for example, not yet old enough to participate in battles.

For evening relaxation, we have our own tavern, our TerraBierBar. And spiritual play for different faiths and elements is also provided for in the Feste.

In the community of the Feste everyone is welcome and also newcomers – be it in LARP or Mythodea – are welcome. It is important to us that our members appreciate the community and diversity of the Feste and want to contribute something in the fight against the Forsaken – just like our battle cry: “For the Feste – For Diversity!” “Für die Feste – Für die Vielfalt!”

Frequently asked questions & answers

What does the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) stand for? How can I participate in the Feste? How does the quarter manager work? How do I participate in the campaign play? And what is actually LARP?

The "Who is Who" of the Feste

Over time, the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) has become a big fraction of Mythodea. We have therefore compiled an overview to help you get to know the Feste better and find your way around.

The FdV-Orgteam (OT)

Get to know the OT team behind the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt). The Orgteam is responsible for all aspects of planning, organization and communication outside of the game and is also in charge of the campaign play of the Feste.

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Important people (IT)

The Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt) is an army of volunteers with military and civilian responsibilities. Get to know the most important people, the leaders of the Feste and the individual combat banners, as well as other important IT contacts.

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Places, banners and groups

In the Fortress of Diversity (Feste der Vielfalt), you will find combat banners and various important places and starting points, such as the Kommandantur (Commandery), the Quartermaster’s Office or the TerraBierBar. Here you can also learn more about the player groups that are part of the Feste.

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Campaign Play

Join us on a written journey that will hopefully shorten the waiting time until the next Cons and lead the Feste to new adventures.
Members of the Feste - We call you to arms!

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