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Previously: Chronicles of Mythodea 2022

At this Con the preparations for the summer campaign towards Ankor Mortis were made.
It was important to find out how the settlers could even get near the walls without dying, because the area in front of Ankor Mortis was enriched with the “Hate of Terra”, a poisonous gas. At the same time, we had to figure out how to find Saint Barnabas – a crucial key to the destruction of Ankor Mortis.
So, the spring campaign, more of an expedition, was to find the Undeath’s moving camp called “Harrowmore,” as well as to find information about Barnabas’ whereabouts and a way to Ankor Mortis.

Why was it so important to find Saint Barnabas? Terra cursed the Undead Flesh and Ankor Mortis before the World Fire and condemned the city to sink. This curse was called the “Curse of Terra.”

One of the undead, named Barnabas, then sacrificed himself to counteract this curse. He was walled into the walls of Ankor Mortis, surrounded by pipes through which alchemists could flow their potions. With his strength and his faith in the Bone Queen, he prevented the sinking of the city.

On the spot, however, we found out that this was not the only or the main reason for being walled in. Love letters appeared which testified that there was a relationship between Barnabas and Cerenna, who was imprisoned in Ankor Mortis. Cerenna was the last of the First Naldar and a powerful magic caster and potionist. She was imprisoned in Ankor Mortis because she had a very, very long life expectancy and self-healing power due to her heritage and her ability to store Urr’Katum (life time), and Undeath wanted to research her. Her soul was shattered into several pieces during the experiments, which is why we had encountered Cerenna – or parts of her soul – on Mitraspera many times before. Cerenna’s bones, however, were laid to rest in the wall of Ankor Mortis, and it could be assumed that this was Barnabas’ main reason for being walled in. This way he could protect the bones and be with his beloved forever, which is why he had himself walled in. (For those who want to know more about Cerenna, is welcome to speak to our knowledge seekers about this IT). So, it was important to find out everything about how to find the burial chamber of Barnabas and Cerenna. The Hags, powerful witches of undeath, as well as undead shrines of Saint Vitoria soon proved to be the key. Thus, a ritual could be interrupted in which Cerenna, whose one soul part appeared in a Hag body on the spot, tried to conceal the burial chamber forever.

At the end of the expedition it was then possible to destroy the present “part” of Cerenna. The central clue came from Cerenna’s blades, who realized through dreams and visions that the ancestral mark of the Razash’Dai, an elemental race of Ignis, was the key. To realize Cerenna’s destruction, the Razash’Dai people sacrificed themselves. This tribe now no longer exist.
On the last night of the Spring Campaign, the fighter of the elements succeeded in a ritual to shift elemental power from the navel of the world towards Ankor Mortis. For this purpose, the immense elemental forces, which after the second cataclysm and the destruction of the World Forge now flowed into the world unhindered and without focus, were channeled and redirected. This formed the basis for a camp to be set up outside the walls of the city and for the summer campaign (the Conquest) to take place.

The seedling, who was recovered by us at Sturmwacht, was also present on the spot. He felt, after the second eruption of the Navel of the World, the desire to travel south. In order to learn from the settlers, he had stories told to him. These moved him to tears, which are also called seedling water. Alchemists could use this seedling water to make tinctures or pastilles to mitigate or neutralize the effects of the poisonous mist, the “hatred of Terra”.
In the Spring Field, it now also became clear what we had already suspected after the Past Abbey last winter: The new old leader of the Undead Flesh is King Garvan! In addition, we learned on the spot that the remaining members of the Army of Doubt (Ratio) were planning to work with Pestilence. The Undead Flesh had forbidden the Ratio from using the Nechathon, and thus the Ratio now faced the problem of not being able to raise their dead as they had in the Mirror World. They wanted to fix this problem with the pestilence – which is why during the Spring Campaign a Kan received a pestilence germ from the Dragonfly Queen, which she carried inside her. The Pestilence, on the other hand, hoped this alliance would help them overcome their weakness and low manpower.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the Skargen had used their alliance with the Forsaken on Mitraspera to learn the ability of dream manipulation from the Dreamweavers of Pestilence. Thus, in the future, we can increasingly expect the Skargen to haunt us settlers in our dreams.
Occasionally, some of those present could suddenly hear their gods from other lands, which astonished us. For this now means that the mists around Mitraspera, which are supposed to protect against such influences, are slowly becoming permeable.

The Realm of Roses and the Southern Seal each have a new Archon since the Spring Campaign:

  • Vincent Vermillion (Realm of Roses) with his Thul’Heen Ramirez of Sagara
  • Eurestes of Corinth (South) with his Thul’Heen Keroth of Bjartur.
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