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Jenseits der Siegel planning post!

Dear Fortress of Diversity,

the JdS is approaching in VERY big steps (3 weeks to go!) and we will meet again in Mythodea in a few weeks. We want to camp together as Fortress of Diversity, as we have already done on the Chroniken. For this two things are important:

  1. Please sign up with your whole group in our Excel list (One Drive)
  2. Once your group is entered in the Excel list, we quarter managers will create your group in the Skald quarter manager. The subgroup will have your group name and the addition “Fortress of Diversity – …”. If you do not have a group or it is otherwise not present, just register in general under the “Fortress of Diversity”.

We also need tables/benches as well as fireplaces so that we can sit together in the evenings. If you can bring something of it, please enter it in the Excel list.
If you have any questions about the planning of the camp, please contact Denise BartzschJens Büsgen or Sebastian Kartoffel.

Your Feste der Vielfalt Orga

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