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Announcement: regular knowledge exchange

Hello dear ones,

we would like to hold regular Wednesday meetings in the „Halle des Wissens“ on the Fortress of Diversity Discord server, starting on 04/01/2023 from 20h. They should be informal meetings and, if its possible, IT compliant, so that we can say we met around the campfire or somewhere in a tavern or library/academy and discussed and exchanged certain things. That’s how I would like to hold the meetings. Because we’re all in a camp together and that’s where you’re going to have exchanges between cons. For people I might not know (from other camps) I would like to ask you to get in touch with me beforehand, then we will surely find a reason why you IT were there.

At the end of these meetings, I like to take questions or topics with me, on which I will then prepare for the next meeting, in case I cannot answer the questions spontaneously or only partially, or the topic is very intensive.

Temporary, I plan to do this every 2 or 3 weeks. But you can also come to the server on Wednesday from 20h and if you see that I and others are sitting in the „Halle des Wissens“, then such a meeting will take place and you can participate spontaneously.

I am looking forward to active participation.
Kind regards
Arianna (Jasmin)

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